Snaith// Jekyll and Hyde Social Context

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  • Crime and the Ripper
    • No DNA to get caught
    • Irrational VS Supernatural.Duality of human nature idea that we all have a dual nature, rational side and dark side with sexual fantasy
    • Jack Ripper killed prostitutes.
    • Social Inequalities
      • Slums are growing, infant death was 50%, due to industrial revolution.
      • Fathers rule family, women are expected to be frail
      • Women were unwelcomed in the medical world. Victoria Nightingale were given a nurse job.
      • Social Context
        • The  Supernatural
          • Everyone has evil and good inside of them
          • Duality of human nature
          • Irrational VS Supernatural
        • Appearance/ Reality
          • Good manners
          • Jekyll, is keen to be an "animal", people feared of what they don't know, including sexuality. Indeed, Society's repression of it's darker side, increased fascination
          • Poverty was considered a crime and penalised.
        • Medicine and Science
          • Break through in scientific discovery
          • Power of pray, regularly
          • Due to industrial revolution, many died because infection spread
          • Believed places in body had 'bad blood' and was gotten rid of by leeches, arsenic and laxatives.
          • Maverick scientist push laws of cholera rates very high nature.
        • Creation
          • Charles Darwin- Evolution, difficult for people to see alongside the beginning in the Bible.
          • Jekyll wanted to test humanity, but religious people refused as they thought it was immoral


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