Causes of the February/March 1917 Revolution

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  • Causes of the February/March Revolution
    • World War One
      • 17 million rupels was spent, causing increase in tax and inflation
      • High levels of loss and high number of people conscripting
      • Caused social unrest, food shortages, making people angry
      • People in cities starving as army got fed before them
      • Transport wasn't well organised and fully focused on military
      • Government lost support of army
      • Russia was losing the war
        • Government lost support of army
      • High levels of desertions aw well as lack of ammunition, uniform etc
    • Tsar's mistakes and politics
      • He became commander-in-chief in September 1915
        • Directly responsible for battle losses
      • No real military experience
      • Tsar ignored an appeal to replace the cabinet - Progressive Bloc
      • Zegmor created to help the war/casualties of war
        • Showed how little the Tsar helped
        • Created an alternative to the Tsar
      • Success of the union of Zemta highlighted incompetence of the Tsar.
    • Rasputin
      • He was a self-ordened holy man and notorious for sexual excesses
      • Damaged the reputation of the dynasty
      • Gave a focus of hatred for the Tsarist system
        • Had to censor the press because it was so bad
      • Rumours about his sexual activity with the Tsarina and her daughters
      • Led to jealousy of previous senior ministers, split previous support
      • Tsraina relied on his which increased opposition
      • He made it difficult to defend the Tsarist system
      • He had no real training


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