Crime and Punishment

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  • Crime and Punishment
    • Crime
      • Definition - a crime is when a law is broken
      • Our conscience might conflict with the law, but the law's designed to be fair
        • Types of crime:
          • Crimes against the person
            • E.g ****, murder, GBH
          • Crimes against the property
            • E.g. arson, theft, vandalism
          • Crimes against the state
            • E.g. terrorism, treason, speeding
          • Religious crimes
            • E.g. blasphemy, heresy,
    • Punishment
      • Aims of punishment
        • Protection
          • Where the punishment protects the public and the criminal
        • Retribution
          • A punishment that allows for revenge
        • Deterrence
          • Where the punishment puts other criminals off
        • Reparation
          • Where the criminal has to fix what he's done
        • Reformation
          • Where the punishment aims to make the criminal a better person
        • Vindication
          • Where people feel they've got justice
        • Capital Punishment
          • For
            • Is less expensive than prison
            • Allows for retribution on behalf of the victim's family
            • Can gurantee that the criminal won't re-offend: keeps the public safe
            • It's allowed in Shari'ah law, and the prophet Muhammad allowed it
          • Against
            • Human life is sacred and shouldn't be taken
            • It allows no chance of reparation or reformation
            • Can wrongly convict a criminal
            • Is against the 10 Commandme-nts to kill
            • No evidence to suggest lower crime rate
    • Religious PoV on C&P
      • Islam perspective
        • Allows CP in some countries for murder, adultery and apostasy
        • However, some Muslims disagree with the idea of CP
        • Have mixed opinions regarding C&P
        • Shari'ah Law is the law dictated by the Qur'an
          • Not all Muslims agree with Shari'ah Law, as it's very harsh
      • Christianity perspective
        • Some Christians believe in CP - "an eye for an eye"
          • Most don't, as Jesus taught forgiveness and to "leave vengeance to the Lord"
        • Have mixed opinions regarding C&P
        • Christianity teaches that the law must be followed unless it is unjust
          • If you commit a crime, you're also sinning in God's eyes
    • Religious Quotes
      • Christianity
        • "Love thy neighbour"
        • "Pray for those who persecute you"
        • "Forgive your brother 70 x 7
      • Islam


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