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  • Core 1
    • Surds
      • Simplify Surds
      • Equivalence of surdnotation
      • Rationalise surds
    • Indices
      • Rational Indices
      • Laws of indices
      • Equivalence of indexnotation
    • Polynomials
      • Quadratic Inequalites
      • Substituting linear simultaneos equations
      • Linear Inequalites
      • Substituting quadratic simultaneos equations
      • Quadratic equation
      • Discriminant
      • Completing the sqaure
      • Untitled
    • Graphs
      • Sketch y=kx^n
      • Sketch y=?x
      • Sketch y=ax^2 + bx + c
      • Express transformatio-ns by Reflection,Tra-nslation and Stretches
      • Sketch y=f(x) which is at theproduct of at most 3 linear factors
      • Use and understand graphs of y = f(x) , y =f(x) + a, y = f(x +
    • Co-ordinate Geomatry
      • Parallel and Perpendicular lines
      • Find eqaution of straight line andinterpret them in the form y=mx+c ,y-y1=m(x-x1) and ax+by+c =0
      • Find gradient, midpoint and lengthof line-segmant
    • Circles
      • Understand (x-a)^2 + (y-b)^2= r^2 represents a circle
      • Use algerbraic methods to solve problems involving lines & circles - use equation of circle in expanded form
    • Untitled
      • Increasing/ Decreasing functions
      • Location of stationary points - Max/Min
      • Applying it to gradients, tangents, normals
      • Differentiation of x^n and related sums and diffrences
      • Notation: f'(x), f''(x) anddy/dx and d2y/dx2
      • Second orderof Derivative
      • The derivative of f(x) as the gradient of the tangent to the graph of y=f(x) at a point




A comprehensive summary of the core 1 content on a mind map.  Useful as a stating point for revision, use to add examples, references and diagrams where possible.

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