B1 1.2

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  • Coordination and control
    • Relex actions
      • Happen quickly
      • electrical impluse
      • called arc reflex
      • synapses eletrical impulses diffuse across the gap
    • responding to change
      • stimulus are picked up by receptors
        • found in  special organs
      • travels up  sensory neurone
        • jump along  synapses to CNS
          • back along motor nerone
            • then to effector organs for response
    • Hormones and menstrual cycle 28 days long
      • FSHThe hormone FSH is secreted by the pituitary gland.
        • it causes an egg to mature in an ovaryit stimulates
        • the ovaries to release the hormone oestrogen
      • OestrogenThe hormone oestrogen is secreted by the ovaries.
        • it stops FSH being produced - so that only one egg matures in a cycle
        • stimulates the pituitary gland to release the hormone LH
      • hormone LH causes the mature egg to be released from the ovary
    • hormones and plants growth
      • auxin
      • gravitropism
        • grow towards earth core
          • negatively shoots
          • positivelyroots
      • phototropism
        • grow towards sun
          • positively shoots
          • negatively roots
    • Artificial control of fertility
      • FSH stimulate maturing of egg
    • controlling conditions
      • homeostatic
        • Controlling things like body temperature and water level
      • hormones made in pancreas
      • body tem 37
    • using hormones
      • plants hormones- weed killer


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