An Inspector Calls: Context

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  • Context
    • Britain 1912
      • Those with money and power saw no reason to change society when it was making them ritch
      • Industrial revolution
      • Inspector represents Priestlys views on scoeity at this time
      • Titanic was the pinnacle of acheivment and enterprise
      • 1945 = Huge support for social and political change
      • Large working class paid poorley
      • Workers had few rights
    • Key Events 1912-1945
      • Titanic sinks 1912
      • WW1 1914
      • wwII  - 1939 6 million Jews killed: Mass genecide
      • Russian reveloution = Power to the people 1917
      • General Strike 1926, refusal to work due to poor wages
      • Atomic Bomb drops on Japan 1945
      • Mr Birling refers to all these events at the beginning of the play and deems them impossible
      • An Inspector Calls  is set before all of these events occured but is performed after
    • What is the play?
      • Paints younger generation as hope for the future
      • Priestly's protest against ruling class in 1912 and 1945
      • Blames rich and powerful for recent history
      • Warning of past mistakes
      • Call for change
      • Play promotes ideas of socialism, collective responsibility and compassion for others
  • An Inspector Calls




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