Purple Hibiscus - Conflict between two religions

Looking into the theme conflict between the religions

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  • Conflict between the 2 religions
    • A country pulling in 2 direction because of religion
    • Papa
      • A confused father who represents conflict
      • Doesn't attend his father's funeral  because of the difference in the religion
      • Worried this will affect his own religion.
      • Worried about what others will think of him
      • Fails to accept  another religon
      • Forces religion upon his own children
    • Heathen
      • In the family, there is a strong conflict between the religon
      • Kambili is restricted with her grandfather because he is a Heathen
    • Many conflicts involved
      • Political conflict / military conflict
      • Hidden  Conflict
      • Internal Conflcit
      • Language Conflict
    • Kambili
      • She has been taught that following another religion is a sin.
      • She has been indoctrinated by her father
      • If she spends too long with a Heathen, she thinks it is a sin


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