Conflict in Politics

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  • Conflict in Politics
    • Conflict of Ideas
      • Political ideas clash at all levels of politics
        • This is because different groups have different goals
      • Political ideas can be coalesced into an ideology
        • Socialism
        • Fascism
        • Nationalism
        • Feminism
        • Radical liberalism
      • An ideology is a collection of ideas that aim to bring about widespread social change
        • Sometimes include a 'blueprint' for a future idealised society
        • Based on fixed values and principles
      • Political conflicts of ideas in the UK include...
        • Whether to renew trident
        • whether we should have grammar schools
        • Whether income tax should be increased or decreased
        • Whether immigration should be strictly controlled
    • Conflict of Interests
      • An interest is any group seeking to achieve improvement it is own circumstances
        • Occupational groups
        • Regional groups
        • Representatives of industries
        • Trade unions
      • Will further their aims through...
        • Public demonstrations
        • Internet and media  campaigns
        • Trying to influence Parliament
      • When clashes occur between interests, politics becomes the process of mediating and resolving their issues
    • The Struggle for Power
      • A main facet of politics
      • Individuals and groups struggle to gain power to further their political ideas and interests
      • Examples of the struggle for power include...
        • Political parties seeking power
        • Individuals seeking election
        • Individuals seeking senior positions
        • Individuals striving to become PM
        • Individuals striving to become party leader
      • Coalition governments struggle both inside and outside the government
    • The goals that different individuals and groups seek to achieve are often incompatible or difficult to combine


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