Conditions For Life On Earth

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  • Conditions For Life On Earth
    • Ambient Gases
      • Nitorgen
        • Protein Synthesis
      • Carbon Dioxide
        • Climate Control
        • Photosynthesis
    • Temperature
      • Living organisms found within the range of 0*C and 40*C
        • Enzymes do not become denatured
        • Water is liquid
      • Water can be liquid, as temperatures exceed 0*C
    • Specific Heat Capacity
      • Water warms up and cools down slowly, to moderate the rate and size of temperature changes
    • Transport
      • Water is solvent in blood and sap, so transports:
        • Waste Products
        • Amino Acids
        • Mineral Nutrients
        • Sugars
        • O2 and CO2
    • Physiological Solvent
      • Chemical reactions in cells take place dissolved in water
    • AEOF
      • On
      • Expansion
      • Freezing
      • Anomalous
      • Ice  floats on water
        • Cold air is kept separate form the water below
          • The water does not freeze solid


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