Conditons for life on earth

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  • Conditions for life on earth
    • Position of Earth
      • Titled orbit- seasonal changes
      • Distance from sun- amount of insolation so control temperature and presence of liquid water
      • Gravity- maintains atmosphere
      • Gravitational attraction of moon and earth controls tides.
    • Large amount of water
      • Physiological solvent- most chemical reactions in cells take place in dissolved water
      • transport- water is the solvent in the blood and sap. transports things like amino acids and oxygen.
      • Anomalous expansion on freezing- Prevents lakes in cold weather from freezing etc.
      • high specific heat capacity- moderates temperature changes
      • Provision of aquatic habitats
    • Appropriate temperature range
      • most areas of earth are above 0 degrees which means liquid water remains presence.
      • Enzymes tend to denature when above 40c
    • Ambient gases
      • used for photosynthesis etc.
      • e.g. Co2 and Nitrogen
    • Light and radiation from the sun
      • Sunlight energy for photosynthesis
      • Heat production when absorbed- warms earth
      • Distance from sun- controls light levels


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