Computer Systems

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  • Computer Systems
    • Embedded Systems
      • Cheaper to produce
      • More efficient at completing tasks
      • Easier to design
    • Internal Components
      • RAM
      • Heat Sink
      • CPU
        • Control Unit
          • Controls data flow
          • FDE cycle
        • Arithmetic Logic Unit
          • Performs calculations
          • Logic Gates
            • AND OR NOT
        • Cache
          • Very fast memory
            • Regularly used data
          • L1,L2,L3
            • L1 fastest, but smallest
      • Hard-disk Drive
      • Motherboard
    • Von Neumann Architecture
      • Instructions and data are stored together
      • F-D-E Cycle
        • Fetch
          • 1. Memory address copied from PC to MAR
            • 2. Instruction copied from MAR address to MDR
              • 3. PC is incremented, to point to the address of the next instruction
        • Decode
          • The instruction in the MDR is passed onto the CIR, where it is decoded by the CU
        • Execute
          • The instruction is performed
            • The contents of the original memory address are loaded into the Accumulator
      • Registers
        • Program Counter
          • Holds the memory address of the next instruction
        • Memory Address Register
          • Holds the memory address about to be used by the CPU
        • Memory Data Register
          • Holds the actual data or instruction
            • May have been fetched from memory, or be waiting to be written to memory
        • Accumulator
          • Stores immediate results of ALU calculations


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