Computer science paper 2

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  • Algorithms
    • computational thinking
      • decomposition- breaking down a complex problem into smaller problems and solving them individually.
      • Abstraction- picking out the important bits of information from the problem, ignoring the specific details that don't matter.
      • Algorithmic thinking- a logical way of getting from the problem to the solution. if the steps you take follow an algorithm you can reuse them for similar problems.
    • pseudocode
      • Not an actually a program language.
        • follows structure
      • Quick to write and easily converted
      • should be easy to follow and understand
      • examples
    • flow diagrams
      • The beginning and the end of the algorithm are put in boxes with rounded corners.
      • Inputs and outputs go into parallelograms
      • General instructions, processes and calculation go in rectangles.
      • decisions go in diamond boxes
      • subroutines go into rectangles with lines at either end.
      • bitesize image links


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