Composite Systems

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  • Composite Systems
    • Photo Fit
      • 855 Features printed on pieces that slot into a template
      • Problems
        • Demarcation lines interfere with identification
        • Composites constructed from Photo Fits were only identified 12.5% of the time
        • Insufficient features were avaliable
    • Evo Fit
      • Evo Fit came  about by combining psychological theories of face recognition with computer programming that uses facial morphing. This changes the face holistically, not bit by bit
      • Advantage
        • Evofit was produced to fit with the holistic model of face recognition
      • Problem (Frowd et al)
        • When trying to name a composite, Evo Fit was the least effective
    • E-Fits
      • Computeris-ed version of Photo Fit.
      • Problems (Davies et al)
        • Participants shown target faces for 1 min & then made composites from E Fit and Photo fit. No significant difference found between systems
        • During Police work, artist enhancement is used on photos. This didnt happen it the study= Unrealistic


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