A2 Applied Science: Working Waves G635 CommunicationsMindmap

A very Basic mindmap about general communications in A2 Applied Science.


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  • Communications
    • TDMA
      • Time Division Multiple Access
    • FDMA
      • Frequency Division Multiple Access
    • CDMA
      • Code Division Multiple Access
    • FM
      • Frequency Modualtion
    • AM
      • Amplitude Modulation
    • Pulse Code Modulation
      • Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) is the digital representation of an analog signal
    • Microwaves
      • Used in mobile phones
    • 1G
      • Works on FDMA.The main difference between 1G and 2G is that the radio signals 1G use are analog, wheras the radio signals used by 2G are digital.
    • 2G
      • Most commonly used generation today.Works on TDMA
    • 3G
      • Multiple bands of radio waves that enable 3G to be faster than 2G and 1G phones.


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