Communicable Diseases

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  • Communicable Diseases
    • Viral Diseases
      • Measles
        • Main symptoms are a fever and a red rash
        • Could be fatal if complications arise
      • HIV/AIDS
        • Spread by sexual contact and exchange of body fluids
        • No cure or vaccine but development can be prevented with antiretroviral drugs
      • Tobacco Mosaic Virus
        • Causes discolouration and mosaic pattern on leaves
        • Spread by contact between diseased plant material and insects can act as vectors
        • There is no treatment but farmers can grow TMV-resistant crop strains
    • Bacterial Diseases
      • Salmonella
        • Spread through undercooked food and poor hygiene
        • Symptoms include fever, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting
        • In the UK, poultry are vaccinated against Salmonella
      • Gonorrhoea
        • Spread through sexual contact with an infected person
        • Symptoms include discharge and  pain on urination
        • Can be treated with antibiotics and  can be prevented with contraception
    • Fungal / Protist Diseases
      • Rose Black Spot
        • Causes purple or black spots to form on leaves
        • Spread in the environment by wind and water
        • Can be treated with chemical fungicides or by removing diseased leaves
      • Malaria
        • Spread by the bite of female mosquitoes (vectors of the disease)
        • Spread can be controlled with nets and anti-malarial drugs




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