Commercial use of plant hormones

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  • Commercial use of plant hormones
    • Selective weedkillers
      • Weedkillers kill broad leaved plants by disrupting their normal growth pattern whilst leaving the narrow leaved plants untouched.
    • Growing cutting from rooting powder
      • Adding rooting powder (containing a plant hormone) to plant cuttings will make them produce roots rapidly and start growing as new plants.
        • This enables farmers to produce clones of good plants very quickly.
    • Controlling the ripening of fruit
      • Ripening hormones can be added to unripe fruit during transportation (firmer and less easily damaged) so they can be just ripe before they reach the supermarket shelves.
    • Producing seedless fruit
      • If growth hormones are applied to unpollinated flowers of plants, the fruit will grow but the seeds won't.


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