Cohen's status frustration

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  • Cohen's status frustration
    • Believes that deviance comes from the inability of the lower classes to achieve mainstream goals
    • Agrees with Merton that deviance is a lower class phenomenon
    • Disagrees with Merton that deviance is an individual response as it is mostly done in groups
    • Disagrees with Merton as Merton focuses on ulitarian crime as he ignores non ulitarian crime which have no economic motive
    • Looks at deviance within the working class boys
      • Cohen believes that within the education system they face anomie as it is middle class dominated
      • The working class do not have the skills to achieve and end up at the bottom on the hierarchal structure
    • Cohen believes that the alternative status hierarchy which gives boys a chance to achieve
      • He thinks that they cannot achieve through legitimate means so they suffer status frustration
        • Subcultural theory is deterministic
          • Subcultural theory is based on accepting the validity of crime statisitcs
      • They then reject the middle class views as they struggle to adapt to their new low status and then form a delinquent subculture with other in a similar positiion
        • An alternative status hierarchy is created which is when a subculture rejects all middle class values


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