Cognitive approach

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  • Cognitive approach
    • Basic assumptions
      • Thought processes should be studied scientifically
        • Considered introspection as too unscientific
      • The mind works like a computer
    • Schemas
      • A collection of ideas that a person forms about past experiences that helps them to understand the world
      • Bartlett (1932)  Native American folk tale, remembered then recalled
        • Details were changed to fit an individual's schema
    • Theoretical models
      • Support scientific testing of theories
      • Allows components to be tested individually and in detail
    • Emergence of cognitive neuroscience
      • Using biology to explain cognition
      • Brain imaging techniques (e.g. PET and fMRI scans) shows how brain structures affect cognition
    • Evaluation
      • High scientific rigour due to empirical methods
      • Describes basis for behaviour that allows treatment
        • e.g. Cognitive behavioural therapy
      • Reductionist as ignores genetic and emotional factors
      • Use of lab experiments
        • Highly controlled and standardised, highly replicable
        • Artificial set-up so lacks ecological validity
  • Input
  • Processing
  • Output
  • Info encoded from environment
  • Encoded info is then processed
  • Behavioural response


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