Coastal Management Strategies

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  • Coastal Management Strategies
      • Man made structures set up to control the flow of the sea and reduce flooding/erosion.
      • Sea wall - A wall made of hard material that reflects waves back to the sea
        • Prevent erosion on the coast and acts as a barrier for flooding
        • Creates strong backwash which erode the underwall. They're also very expensive to build and maintain
      • Rip rap - huge boulders that are piled along the coast.
        • Absorb wave energy therefore reduce erosion and flooding
        • They may be moved around by strong waves meaning they need to be replaced.
      • Gabions - rock-filled cages built at the foot of cliffs
        • Absorb wave enegry and so reduce erosion
        • Expensive to build and create a huge backwash.
      • Beach replenishment - extra sand is added from else where
        • Creates wider beaches which slow down waves, provides greater protection frm floods.
        • It is very expensive and needs to be repeated. Also can ruin habitats.
      • Managed retreat - Remove any existing defence and allow the land behind to flood.
        • The land will become a marshland and is fairly cheap.
        • People may disagree over what land is allowed to be flooded.


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