Climate Change Impacts

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  • Climate Change Impacts
    • Sea Level Rise
      • Water stored as ice returns back to oceans
        • Adds to rising sea levels (eustatic change)
          • If all ice sheets melted, 80 metre rise
      • Global warming leads to thermal expansion
        • Increased water volume
          • For every 1'C increase, up to 80cm rise
      • Serious affect on vulnerable Pacific Islands
        • Small in size, dense populations, low elevation, remote
          • eg. Marshall Islands / Tuvalu
    • Permafrost Thawing
      • Permanently frozen ground for at least 2 years
      • Natural CO2 sinks
        • If thawed, CO2 stored as organic material in soil realeased
    • Tipping Point
      • Temperature rise could cause irreversible changes to earth
        • Through positive feedback
          • Melting of sea ice into water
            • Lower albedo, more energy absorbed
              • Warms water, melting more ice
          • Impacts already caused speed up impacts
    • Extreme Weather Events
      • Increasing ocean temperature
        • Increased risk of tropical cyclones
          • Wider area of risk
    • Climatic Regions
      • Cold polar regions shrinking
      • Species forced to migrate to find sustainable climate and food
      • Some areas are not viable for agriculture


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