Climate change

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  • Climate change
    • Climate
      • The average weather conditions over a period of time
    • Weather
      • Day to day changes in the atmosphere
    • Glacial
      • Periods of colder weather/ climate
    • Interglacial
      • Periods of warmer weather/ climate
    • Global warming
      • The effect of greenhouse gases heating up the earth and increasing the world climate.
      • GHGs
        • Natural causes of GHGs are: Suns energy, Volcanoes, Respiration, Methane, Nitrous oxide bacteria from soil and lightning storms
        • Human causes of GHGs are: Fossil fuels, Deforestation, Cattle farming-methane,
    • The green house effect
      • A layer of gases that keeps the earth warm enough to live on
    • The enhanced greenhouse effect
      • To much gas is surrounding the earth making it hotter and hotter
    • Flooding in Bangladesh
      • 2 Social impacts: Children died, No food
      • 2 economic impacts: Villages collapsed- need to rebuild, people can't afford new houses
      • 2 environmental impacts: Dirty water for people to live with, rivers clogged up with mud


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