Client server and peer to peer networks

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  • Client-server and Peer-to-peer networks
    • Client server networks
      • A  client-server is managed by a server
      • The devices connected to the server are clients
      • Files are usually stored centrally
      • Clients send requests to the server, the server processes and then responds
      • The server stores user profiles, passwords and access information
      • Most uses of the internet work on a client-server network
      • Pros
        • Easier to track files
        • Easier to perform back-ups
        • Easier to install and update software
      • Cons
        • Expensive to set up
        • If the server fails then everything will fail
        • Server may become overloaded
    • Peer-to-peer networks
      • All devices are equal in a p2p network
      • You store files on individual devices and share them with others
      • Use p2p at home to share files
      • Pros
        • Easy to maintain
        • No dependence on server
      • Cons
        • No centraliseded management
        • Backups are more complicated


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