Classification B2

This is a mindmap on classification to help with revision if your are doing the modular exams B2 ,C2 ,and P2.It includes the problems of classifying ,grouping organisms and evolution.

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  • Classification
    • Grouping organisms
      • Keep ,Plates ,Clean, Or ,Family, Gets ,Sick
        • Kingdom, Phylum ,Class ,Order, Family ,Genus ,Species
      • As you move down towards 'species' there are fewer organisms within each group and they share more similarities
      • Organisms can be classified in two ways:
        • An artificial system is based on one or two charecterisitics that makes identification easier.
          • E.G . Birds that live by or on the sea can be called sea birds,
        • A natural system is based on evolutionary relationships and is much more detailed.
          • Animals that are more closely related are more likely to be in the same group.
      • Sequencing the bases in DNA has enabled scientists to know how closely related organisms are ,and has often meant that organisms can be reclassified.
    • Species
      • A species is a group of organisms that can interbreed to produce fertile offspring.
      • All organisms are named  by the binomial system .The system works like this:
        • There are two parts to the name 1.Genus 2.Species
        • Genus:Capital letter and Species:lowercase letter
    • Problems with classifying
      • E.G. Archaeopteryx ,this creature has charecterisitics that would put it in two diffrent groups.
        • It had feathers like a bird. It also had teeth and a long bony tale like a reptille.
      • Some organisms present specific problems:
        • Bacteria do not interbreed , they reproduce asexually ,so they cannot be classified into species using the fertile offspring idea.
        • Hybrids are infertile ,so mules cannot be classed as a speices
    • Classification and Evolution
      • When classifying organisms, it is important to b bear in mind that similarities and differences between organisms may have different explanations:
        • Dolphines and fish live in the same habitat (ecologically related). However because dolphins are mammals they are classified diffrently.
        • Dolphins and bats have evolved to live in diffrent habitats ,  but both are mammals they are related through evolution


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