Classical concerto

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  • Classical concerto
    • Origins
      • Classical period- 1750-1820
      • Followed baroque, came before romantic
    • Features
      • concerto= solo with orchestral accompanim-ent
        • Virtuoso- highly skilled performer, capable of difficult techniques/pieces
      • 3 movements, fast-slow-fast
      • instruments full pitch range
      • Fast scalic playing
      • Cadenza- orchestra stops and unaccompanied showcase for soloist
      • Conductor follows soloist, orchestra follow Conductor
      • Classical music: String melody, terraced (sudden) dynamics, Cadences, homophonic, blanched phrasing
    • Composers
      • MOZART
      • Haydn
    • Listening
      • Played in concert halls across Europe
      • Haydn-trumpet concerto in Eb major
      • Mozart- clarinet concerto in A major
      • Beethoven - piano concerto number 5


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