class factors in education

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  • class factors in eduction
    • Internal
      • labelling
        • outline- as part of teacher-pupil relationships teachers label pupils and treat hem accordingly
          • impact on education- if the label is positive they will succeed if not they are more likely to fail
            • evaluation- fuller's study of black girls with a racist teacher shows how negative labels can lead to succession as well
    • external
      • cultural deprivation
        • language
          • Bernstein's elaborated and restricted code
        • parents education
          • working-class parents usually have a worse education and  are therefore less confident with dealing with parents evening and subject choices,  but middle class parents know what resources and trips to take
        • working class subculture
          • Middle class subculture- future orientated and deferred gratification
            • working class subculture - present time orientated  and immediate gratifiction
      • Material deprivation
        • cost of education school related costs were £1614 in 2013 per child, so many families can not afford extra resources
        • housing and health- poor housing means reduced areas suitable for studying and poor diets which result in illness and increased tiredness or days of school so working class pupils fall behind
      • Bordieu and capital
        • types of capital
          • social- resources based on social connections and group membership
          • cultural- cultural attributes such as education, arts and literature
          • economic- income achieved through hard work inheritance
        • conversion- cultural capital converts to material rewards, including good grades, high status jobs  and salaries.
        • sullivan questionnaire of 465 in 4 schools and asked reading and TV habits, and if they visited galleries, museums and theatre, as well as vocab and cultural knowledge- found cultural capital only accounted for part of underachivement
    • self- fulfilling prophecy
      • labelling can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy
        • impact on achievement-positive labels usually lead to a positive prophecy and succeeding, and the opposite takes place of it is negative
    • Setting/streaming
      • outline-setting is sorting by ability per class, streaming is sorting by ability for every class
        • impact on achievement- those in higher sets/ streams usually do better as they are given more attention and encouragement
          • evaluation- this allows students to work at their own pace however student suffer lower self esteem in lower ability classes
    • pupils subcultres
      • groups of pupils who share ideas and behaviour patterns which are different from mainstream culture
        • can have a varying effect on achievement depending on if it  is a pro- school subculture
          • evaluation- However it's hard to predict the effect of subcultures
    • pupil's class identity
      • outline- looking at identity helps to bring together all factors affecting achievement
        • evaluation- looks at all factors affecting achievement however they are complex


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