Christmas Carol- Marley's Ghost

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  • Marley Ghost
    • "Marley was dead to begin with"
      • makes audiience shocked a his ghost
      • supernatural
    • "Dead as a door nail"
      • similie=lifeless as an inmate object
      • past tense=shares why marley should not be seen
      • juxtaposition
        • metal and marley
        • Foreshadows when he appears in the door knocker
        • Metal is cold and unfeeling
    • "claps"
      • imprisonment by chains
    • "heavy chain"
      • weighed down by the sins he committed in life
    • "cash boxes"
      • metaphor= greed in life punishment in afterlife.
        • repetition shows a warning and he is exhausted
      • money=life is not just about money
    • "it was like a tail"
      • subhuman
      • choosing money over kindness in anamistic
    • "i cannot rest, i cannot stay, i cannot linger"
      • rule of 3
      • repetition shows a warning and he is exhausted
    • "cry out pitiless being unable to assist"
      • learned lesson hard way
      • social responsibility
    • "haunted by 3 ghost"
      • negative conations
      • anguish scrooge will suffer before his soul can be saved
    • "no peace.Incessant torture of remorse"
      • short sentences shows he is in pain
      • high price for heartlessness
    • "Mankind!".."mankind was my business"
      • exlamative sentence=emotive
      • remorse=wants scrooge to change so he doesn't suffer his fate
      • Selfless
      • Wants reader to change to
      • life is not just about business
    • " the spectres voice disturbed the very marrow of his bones
      • scares scrooge into being a better person
      • everyone should help the poor and vunerabke


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