Christian Moral Action

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  • Bonhoeffer
    • Obedience
      • To disobey state if they disregarded moral principles
    • Leadership
      • Germany had given up it's freedom and identity in obedience to a tyrant.
    • Doing God's Will
      • Always follow the will of God above anything else no matter what.
    • Civil Disobedience
      • Keep the state in check
      • Trying to assasinate Hitler
    • Confession Church
      • Finkenwalde
      • People are taught to not just declare their faith in God but show it through acting in society
    • Costly Grace
      • Cheap Grace
        • John 3:16 "or God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
      • Action
    • Sacrifice and Suffering
      • Focuses a lot on suffering
        • to suffer is to prove your faith
      • He returned to Germany to suffer with his people.
    • Solidarity
      • Western void
        • As societies become less religious something sinister could creep in.
      • should share the suffering of others
    • Relevance Today
      • Nelson Mandela
      • Martin Luther King


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