Christian Aid

A mind map showing how chrsitian aid works

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  • Christian Aid
    • History
      • Set up in 1945 to help war refugees
        • In 1960's began collecting donation and educating on poverty
          • Helped set up Fairtrade Foundation
    • Where do they work
      • They work in around 45 different countries
        • Mainly in country's around Africa, South America and Southern Asia
    • How They help
      • Long Term
        • Christian Aid help support local organizations within the charity
      • Short Term
        • Provide emergency aid to help with disaster relief
      • They also try to challenge systems which favour rich over poor.
    • Campaigns
      • Climate Change
        • Try to get large buisness' to cut down on fuel emissions
      • Trace the Tax
        • Trying to get government to chase those avoiding tax
          • Could be used as support for partners.


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