Choregos Vase - Prescribe source

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  • Choregos Vase 400BC
    • Red figure, Southern Italy, Bell Krater, 400BC
      • Choregos funded plays
    • What is shown on the pot?
      • 2 actors
        • 1 Comic - Phyrrhias
        • 1 Tragic - Aegisthus
      • chorus possibly representing choregoi
        • comic costume
      • Comic play being performed on a stage
      • gestures - confused and angry?
    • Costume/ Masks/ Props
      • Tragic costume
        • dressed as a soldier or guard - wearing a helmet andspear
      • Comedy Costume
        • short, padded grotesque masks, phallus
      • upturned basket being used to stand on
      • all wearing kothornoi
    • How useful is this vase?
      • shows a play being performed on a stage with steps and the door to the skene
      • Direct comparison between comic and tragic costumes
      • the tragic actor has emerged from the skene - shows use for the door
      • we know who all the figures are because they are named
    • Limitations
      • Chorus shouldn't be on stage artistic licence?
      • uncertain what is actually happening in this scene
        • one: competition between Aegisthus and Pyrrhus, representing comedy and tragedy
      • was the chorus split in half - divided into older supporters of tragedy and younger people in support of comedy


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