Surrender Speech - Chief Joseph

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  • Surrender Speech - Chief Jospeh
    • GAP
      • Genre: A speech made by Chief Joseph pleading for freedom of his people after numerous attacks from the 'whites' for their land.
        • Audience: White settlers who fought the Native Americans.
          • Purpose: to educate 'the white people' of the pain they have caused and to evoke some sense of sympathy and responsibility within them.
    • Context
      • Led his people to Canada in what is considered one of the greatest retreats in military history.
      • One of the first leaders to convert to Christianity.
        • Because of this he wanted to establish peace with his white neighbors.
          • When this friendship was broken and the US gov took back millions of acres of their land Chief Joseph threw away his bible.
      • The context of the speech was within 40 miles of the Canadian border, his people were too starved and beaten to continue.
        • He had lost many, including his brother.
    • Pathos
      • 'The little children are freezing to death'
    • Spontaneity
      • His conscious use of diction (word choice) to evoke emotive imagery imitates the pain and length of their journey.
        • Suggests he has been considering surrendering for a while.
        • 'When i think of our condition my heart is heavy.'
        • 'Shot down like animals'
          • Similes, to evoke reflection.
      • Compound and complex sentences.
        • Passion is overriding his structure.
    • Personal narrative appeals to emotion and persuasion.


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