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  • Chemistry
    • Isotope are different forms of the same element
      • Has same number of -protons but different number of electrons.
    • Ionic Bonding- Lose or gain electrons
      • Have similar properties- High melting and boiling points. Dissolve easily
    • Covalent bonding- Share electrons to get the full outer shell
      • A covalent bond is a shared pair of electrons
      • Examples in book Page 47
    • Giant covalent bonfs are Macromolecules
      • No charged ions, Dont conduct electricity, Diamond and graphite for example.
    • Metals are  made up of free electrions
      • Alloys (a mix of two metals) are harder than pure metals.
    • Thermosoftening polymers- forces between chains easy to over come. Easy to melt. Can remould when need again
    • Thermosetting  polymers- crosslinks hold it in solid structure. Doesnt soften. Strong, hard and rigid.
    • Relative atomic mass is the same as the mass number.
    • Relative formula mass is mass number= M(r)
    • Number of moles= mass in grams/ M(r)


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