Chemistry of the Atmosphere

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  • Chemistry of the Atmosphere
    • History of the atmosphere
      • The early atmosphere was formed 4.6 billion years ago
      • The early atmosphere was formed by volcanic activity
        • The early atmosphere consisted of mainly CO2, there was also nitrogen and water vapour
      • Oceans
        • Water vapour condensed  and fell as rain
        • Ice comets landed on earth forming oceans
      • Life?
        • Began on earth 3.4 billion years ago
    • Evolving atmosphere
      • Algae and plants began to photosynthesis
        • The levels of CO2 dropped and levels of oxygen increased
          • More and more plants began to develop
          • Conditions were becoming better for life
    • Greenhouse effect
      • The suns warmth is trapped in our atmosphere
        • The earth gradually gets warmer as less heat is lost
    • Global climate change
      • Causes extreme weather events
        • Also becoming more frequent
      • Causes the sea levels to rise
      • Changes the average temperature
      • Effects the wildlife
        • Some species even become extinct
      • Climate changes causes ecosystems stress
    • Atmospheric pollutants
      • CO2
        • Burning fossil fuels
      • Nitrogen
        • Causes acid rain
      • Carbon monoxide
        • Toxic
          • Can cause death


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