Chemical Equations

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  • Chemical Calculations
    • Chemical Equations
      • Equation MUST be BALANCED
      • Eg. AlCl3 + 3AgNO3 -> Al(NO3)3 + 3AlCl
      • Provides: (a) identity of reactant (b) identity of product (c) ratio of reactants and products (d) states of reactants and products (if indicated)
    • Volume of reacting gases
      • Number Of Moles = Volume of Gas (dm^3) / Molar volume (24dm^3)
    • Limiting reactant
      • (a) find the moles of each element in the reactants   (b) Find the mole per part (c) find the number of moles for each element in the product      (d) The smaller number is the limiting reactant
    • Percentage Purity = (Amount Of Pure Substance In Sample / Amount Of Substance Used In The Reaction) x 100%
    • Percentage Yield = (Actual Yield / Theoretical Yield) x 100%


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