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  • Characters
    • Binary can be used to represent characters
      • Alphanumeric characters are used to make words and strings
      • Computers are unable to process characters directly as they only process binary
      • Character sets
        • Collections of characters that a computer recognises from their binary representation
    • The number of bits is based on a character set
      • Different character sets have different amounts of characters
      • ASCII
        • Most commonly-used character set
        • It is a 7-bit binary code
        • It can represent 128 different characters
        • Used mainly with the English language
      • Extended ASCII
        • Its a character set with 8-bit binary allowing up to 256 characters
        • Used for European languages like French and German
      • Unicode
        • Comes in several different forms and covers every possible character
        • 16-bit or 32-bit binary codes
        • Covers major languages. Russian, Chinese


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