Chapter 7

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  • Chapter 7
    • Explicit, intrusive narrator's comment on pages 42-43 and 43-44
      • "the cart will come soon, no doubt
      • 'It had come-appearing suddenly from behind the forehead of the nearest upland'
      • 'Her mother and the children thereupon decided to go no farther, and bidding them a hasty good-bye, Tess bent her steps up the hill'
      • "Is dat the gentleman-kinsman who'll make Sissy a lady?"
      • 'Before she had quite reached it another vehicle shot out from a clump of trees on the summit, came round the bend of the road there, passed the luggage-cart, and halted beside Tess, who looked up in great surprise'
      • 'Could she be deceived as to the meaning of this?'
      • "What's her trump card? Her d'Urberville blood, you mean?"
      • 'Her mother perceived, for the first time, that the second vehicle was not a humble conveyance like the first, but a *****-and-span gig or dog-cart, highly varnished and equipped'
      • "No, stupid; her face-as 'twas mine"
      • 'I was thinking that perhaps it would ha' been better if Tess had not gone'
    • Mother created this grown up woman, very much like a doll
      • 'washed Tess's hair with such thoroughness that when dried and brushed it looked twice as much as other times'
      • 'she tied it with a broader pink ribbon than usual'
      • 'then she put upon the white frock that Tess had worn at the club-walking'
      • 'supplementing her enlarged coiffure'
      • 'imparted to her developing figure an amplitude which belied her age'
      • 'and might cause her to be estimated as a woman when she was not much more than a child'
    • Ominous note struck by Joan Durbeyfield's doubts at the close of chapter
    • How Jack Durbeyfield's contribution further undermines the possibility of any good opinion of him
    • Consider implications  of the way Tess is "decked out" by her mother


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