Chapter 4

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  • Chapter 4
    • Death of Prince
      • 'the groan had proceeded from her father's horse Prince'
        • 'The pointed shaft of the cart had entered the breast of the unhappy Prince like a sword'
      • 'from the wound his life's blood was spouting in a stream'
      • 'Tess sprang forward and put her hand upon the hole, with the only result that she became splashed from face to skirt with crimson drops'
        • "Tis all my doing-all mine!"
          • 'Nobody blamed Tess as she blamed herself'
            • 'she regarded herself in the light of a murderess'
      • 'Prince also stood firm and motionless as long as he could; till he suddenly sank down in a heap'
      • 'the hole in his chest looking scarcely large enough to have let out all that had animated him'
    • Abraham's conversation about stars
      • 'Did you say that stars are worlds'? "yes"
        • "Most of them splendid and sound, a few blighted"
        • "Which star do we live on?"
          • "a blighted one"
            • "'Tis because we be on a blighted star Tess?"
      • "'Tis very unlucky that we didn't pitch on a sound one, when there were so many more of them"
      • "How would it have been if we had pitched on a sound one?"
        • "father wouldn't have coughed and creeped about as he does, and wouldn't have got too tipsy to go this journey"
          • "and mother wouldn't have been always washing, and never getting finished"
        • "And you would have been a rich lady ready-made, and not have had to marry a rich gentleman"
    • Tess's dream
      • 'Then, examining the mesh events in her own life'
        • 'she seemed to see the vanity of her father's pride'
          • 'the gentlemanly suitor awaiting herself in her mother's fancy'
            • 'to see him as a grimacing personage'
              • 'laughing at her poverty'
                • 'at her shrouded knightly ancestry'


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