Chapter 2

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  • Chapter 2
    • White Hart
      • 'The Vale was known in former times as the forest of the white Hart'
      • Symbolises Tess's future
      • Foreshadows her fate with Alec
      • Desire
        • Not as chaste as originally thought
      • more mechanical
    • The "pagan" tradition of "club-walking " as means of introducing the heroine
      • Links back to Tess's ancient blood, solely female, juxtaposes chapter 1. Purity. Symbolises new birth, fertility, chastity, virginity, innocence. Lack of experience
      • 'a gay survival from old style days, where cheerfulness and maytime were synonyms'
      • gap between reality and ideal. Dangerous/foolish to romantisice unduly/naivity
      • Links to Angels courtship with Tess, and how he calls her divine names as he thinks she is perfect.
    • Description of Clare brothers, first impressions, Angel and the girls
      • 'three men of a superior class'
      • Two elder brothers more serious
      • Angel more playful. Wants to have 'a fling' with the girls
    • Reader's bond with Tess. Indication she is a key character
      • Her Appearance
        • She is described as more beautiful than the other girls
      • Her innocence and youthfulness
        • she is "a vessel of emotion"
        • She is clearly embarrassed by her father's behaviour and tries to make excuses to the others
        • It is obvious that he is drunk and the other girls laugh at her
          • Her loyalty to her father
      • the red ribbon which sets her apart
        • foreshadows Alec
        • the colour red symoblises sexual implications
      • Her shyness or resevation in relation to Angel Clare
        • Angel doesn't choose her to dance with
          • Angel also regrets his decision, 'but it could not be helped' so he turns away and thinks nothing of it
        • Tess keeps on looking at the newcomer, wishing he danced with her
          • Tess is always 'set apart' from the other girls, as if she is an outsider


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