Organelles and their functions

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  • Cells
    • Animal Cells
      • Smooth ER
        • Responsible for storage and production of lipids and steriods
        • Located near to the Rough ER
        • Not dotted with Ribosomes
      • Ribosomes
        • Found in the Cytoplasm
        • Synthesis' protein
      • Rough ER
        • Produces protein from the ribosomes
        • Proteins sent to the Golgi Body
        • Located near the nucleus
        • Dotted with Ribosomes
      • Cell Membrane
        • Two layers made from phospholipids
        • Contains carbohydrates and protein molecules
      • Flagella
        • Tail of the cell
        • Used to move the cell
        • Commonly found on sperm cells
    • Animal Cells
      • Nucleus
        • The control centre of the cells
        • Surround by a nuclear membrane which has pores
        • Nucleolus in the centre contains genetic information
      • Golgi Body
        • Receives protein from RER and packages it with carbohydrates (Glycoprotein)
          • These packages are called 'vesicles'
        • Only one can be found in the cell
      • Lyosomes
        • The rubbish bin of the cell
          • Responsible for digesting dead cells and waste particles
      • Centiroles
        • Two sun-like structures and found close together
        • Responsible for splitting the chromosomes during cell division
      • Cillia
        • Hair like structures which move things around the cell
        • Found down the respiratory tract (lungs and trachea)
      • Mitochondria
        • Produces ATP (energy) through aerobic respiration
        • Any number can be found in the cell


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