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  • Cells
    • prokaryotes
      • small
      • simple
      • bacteria
        • don't have a nucleus
          • single circular strand of DNA floating in the cytoplasm
          • may also have small circular rings of DNA called plasmids
        • don't have chloroplasts or mitochondria
        • have:    cytoplasm cell membrane cell wall
      • single celled organisms
    • all living things are made of cells
    • eukaryotes
      • organisms made of eukaryotic cells
      • complex
      • animal cells
        • nucleus
          • contains genetic material which controls the activities of the cell
        • cytoplasm
          • gel like substance where most chemical reactions happen
        • cell membrane
          • holds the cell together and controls what goes in and out of the cell
        • mitochondria
          • most of the reactions for aerobic respiration take place here
        • ribosomes
          • these are where proteins are made in the cell.
      • plant cells
        • cell wall
          • made of cellulose it supports the cell and strengthens it
        • permanent valcuole
          • contains cell sap, a weak solution of sugar and salts
        • chloroplasts
          • where photosynthesis occurs which makes food for he plant
          • contains chlorophyll a green substance which absorbs light
    • different parts of cells are called subcellular structures


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