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  • Cells
    • Structure
      • Animal AND Plant cells
        • Nucleus
          • Controls the activities of the cell
        • Cell Membrane
          • Controls what enters and leaves the cell
        • Cytoplasm
          • Jelly-like substance where chemical reactions happen
        • Ribosome
          • Where protein synthesis occurs
        • Mitochondria
          • Where most energy is released in respiration
      • Plant Cells ONLY
        • Cell Wall
          • Supports and strengthens cell
          • Made of cellulose
        • Vacuole
          • Contains Cell sap
        • Chloroplast
          • Carries out photosynthesis
    • Specialised cells
      • Bacterial Cell
        • Consists of cytoplasm, cell membrane and a cell wall
        • The genes are not in a distinct nucleus
      • Yeast
        • Single-celled organism
        • Consists of a nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane and a cell wall


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