Cell Organisation

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  • Cell Organisation
    • Large multicellular organisms
      • Made up of organ systems
      • Cells are the building blocks that make up all living organisms
      • Specialized cells form tissues, which form organs, which form organ systems
      • L.M.O - e.g. humans have different systems inside them for exchanging and transporting materials
    • Similar cells make up tissues
      • Epithelial tissue is a type of tissue made of epithelial cells. It covers the inside of the gut
      • A tissue is a group of similar cells that work together to carry out a funtion
    • Tissues make up organs
      • An organ is a group of different tissues that work together to perform a certain funtion
      • Stomach - organ, Epithelial tissue lines the inside and outside of the stomach
    • Organs make up organ systems
      • The organ system is a group of organs working together to perform a function
      • The digestive system is an organ system found in humans and other animals. It breaks down and absorbs food. Made up of these organs:
        • 1. Salivary glands - produce digestive juices
        • 2. Stomach - digests food
        • 3. Liver - produces bile
        • 4. Pancreas - produces digestive juices
        • 5. Small intestine - digests food and absorbs soluble food molecules e.g. glucose
        • 6. Large intestine - absorbs water from undigested food leaving poo.
      • Organ systems work together to make entire organisms


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