Cell Biology

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  • Cell Biology
    • Cell Structure
      • All cells have structures (sub-cellular structures)
        • Animal Cell;
          • *nucleus *cytoplasm *cell membrane *mitochondria *ribosomes
        • Prokaryotic cells = bacteria cells
        • Eukaryotic cells = plant cells, animal cells + fungal cells
    • Transportation
      • Osmosis
        • Water from dilute solution moves to concentrated one. Only works through a partially permeable membrane
      • Diffusion
        • Movement of particles from a high concentration to a low concentration
          • Effecting factors include: *concentration gradient * temperature *surface area
          • Examples; *gas exchange *digestion *excretion in kidneys
      • Active transport
        • Substances move against concentration gradient. Requires energy from respiration
    • Cell Division
      • Chromosomes carry genes. Humans have 23 pairs
      • Mitosis
        • Cell divides into two identical cells
        • 1. One set of chromosomes is pulled to each end of the cell          2. Nucleus divides          3. Cytoplasm and cell membranes divide to form two identical cells
      • Stem cells
        • Stem cells are undifferentiated. Form different types of cells. Can be found in bone marrow and embryos


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