CB4d - Breeds and varieties

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  • CB4d - Breeds and varieties
    • genetically modified organism (GMO) - an organism that has had it's genome artificially altered
    • new breeds & varieties are created in order to create an ideal breed of an animal species & new varieties of plant species
      • done by selective breeding
    • selective breeding - when humans choose an organism that has a certain characteristic and breed more of these organisms, making that chosen characteristic more and more obvious
    • selective breeding is carried out by:
      • choosing an organism with a certain characteristic
        • finding other organisms with that same characteristics
          • making the organisms breed together
            • producing new offspring with those characteristics
    • genetic engineering - altering the genome of an organism, usually by adding genes from another species aka genetic modification
    • domesticated animals (dogs & cats) will share their own common ancestor
      • cats - wild cats
      • dogs - wolves
      • for centuries, selective breeding would have taken place resulting in the variety of breeds of dogs & cats known today
    • domestic dogs have been selectively bred to have a gentle nature
    • food crops such as wheat have been selectively bred to be resistant to disease
    • animals such as cows have been selectively bred to produce more meat or milk
    • certain plants have been selectively bred to produce large or unusual flowers


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