Causes of WW2

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  • Causes of WW2
    • Treaty of Versailles
      • It angered the Germans
        • determined to get revenge
      • It brought Hitler to power
        • came to power promising to destroy the Treaty
          • point 2 of the 25-point Programme
        • restore Germany to greatness 'by blood'
      • Led to appeasemnt
        • encouraged Hitler to think that Britain and France were scared of him
          • he went on and on until there was a war
          • If they hadn't agreed that the Treaty of versailles was harsh, they may have opposed Hitler firmly much earlier, stopping WW1.
    • League of Nations Failures
      • The league didn't solve some problems
        • Hitler decided to use this as an opportunity and remiliterised the Rhineland.
          • Hitler was right, the League did not do anything, it was a success.
    • Isolation of the USA
      • Germans saw it as an opportunity to attack
        • put fear into the other nations
    • Using Hitler as a barrier to communism
      • German Population were mostly against communism.
        • Nazi Party was an alternative which made the more powerful
          • Got Hitler to power, nothing anyone could do from there on.
    • Appeasement
      • failed miserably and allowed Hitler to become more emboldened and effectively start his military efforts.
        • could have easily been avoided
    • Hitlers policy of Lebensraum
      • he desire to get more land- by taking it from others
      • Hitler made a move into Poland
        • France and England were bound by treaty to try to stop him by declaring war on Germany
    • Aggressiveness of Hitlers Foreign Policy
      • To achieve this he remilitarising the Rhineland, uniting with Austria to form Anschluss, getting the Sudetenland, and rearming.
      • Put Britain and France in a position of following a policy of Appeasement.
      • No country would risk as much


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