Case Studies

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  • Case Studies
    • HIPC- Tanzania
      • 40% of population live below the poverty line
      • HDI ranked 152
      • Life expectancy 58
      • Reason for povery
        • Topography and Climatic conditions
          • can only crop 4% of land
        • Industry
          • limited to agriculture and light consumer goods
        • dependent on agriculture
          • coffee, cotton,tea,tobacco high competitive market with falling prices
      • Attempts to help
        • World Bank, IMF and bilateral donors have provide funds to rehabilitate economy
        • SAP's
      • Results of "Help"
        • Not improved quality of life
        • even more dependent on foreign aid-- borrowing more than $7billion
        • Increased environmental damage
    • Economic vs Environmental Sustainability
      • Construction of Twin Sails Bridge
        • Environment impact
          • direct flow around support pillars causing deposition behind pillars
          • may affect tidal flats within Holes bay
          • Poole harbours marshes could decrease in size
          • habitats for birds destroyed
        • Economic impact
          • over budget at over £37million
          • increase flow of traffic
          • Not enough jobs generated in  area
          • increased crime


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