Case Study: The ALPS

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  • Case Study: The Alps
    • Key Facts:
      • Location: Central Europe (Austria, Italy & France)
        • Formed by African & Eurasian Plate
      • stretches over 4000m up
    • USES
      • Tourism
        • Prime use of alps: Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding - huge attraction to the area
          • Local residents run hotels, ski schools, and entertainment to support the tourism industry
        • Summer months: Offers walking, climbing & mountain biking opportunities
          • In doing so, this keeps the residents incomes fairly consistent all year round.
        • 100 million visitors a year
      • Engery
        • Energy companies use the Alps because of its steep terrain.
          • They build dams and manmade reservoirs - providing Hydroelectric Power (HEP)
            • 60% of Switzerland's energy comes from HEP from the Alps
            • The high rainfall and snowmelt provide a good water source for power for the HEP plants
      • Logging
        • Industries use the region for logging
          • Mountains and valleys covered in Coniferous forests
            • Cut down for wood for builder, paper and fuel
              • Trees always replanted to make the industry sustainable.
      • Farming
        • Famers farm sheep and cattle on the mountains & crops on the valley floor
          • Farm vineyards in the summer on the sunny, south facing slopes for consistent income.


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