Case Study - Ryan

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  • Ryan - Case Study
    • Communication
      • Has some speech difficulties
        • Needs to attend speech and language therapist appointments
      • Care worker needs to have good communication
        • Asking him to repeat if his words or sentences are not clear
        • Attended his speech therapy appointments with him
          • Continue the speech exercises at home with him
      • He is IT literate and can type
        • Virtual visits from friends can be scheduled
        • His brother could communicate with him virtualy
        • Online support groups
        • Could make virtual appointments with the GP when it comes to his checkups
          • May be his preference
          • Can do it from the safety of his own home
    • Sleeping
      • No problems
      • May be affected by his depression
      • Needs to be monitored for any issues
      • Technology next to his bed to sensor seizures in his sleep
    • Spiritual needs
      • Athiest
        • Lacks belief in a God
        • When communicating with him the care worker should refrain from promoting religious beliefs
      • There are no identified needs so it is not included in the care plan
      • There is a possibility that this may be incorrect as his religion was not on the front page
    • Barriers
      • Physical barriers
        • Restricted wheelchair access
        • May not be able to go to the club due to flashing lights triggering his epilepsy
        • Due to his instability he may experience more falls
      • Emotional
        • His depression may limit him trying new things
        • Feeling ashamed or embrarrased may restrict him asking for help
        • Loneliness due to him isolating himself
      • Transportation
        • Limited modes of transport he can go on
        • Appointment times may not be convenient
      • Communication
        • Sensory barrier due to the flashing lights
          • High stress situations may also trigger epilepsy
        • May not have an allocated advocate
      • Financial
        • Isn't working so there may be financial difficulties
          • May rely on savings or government funding/ benefits
            • May not have enough money to go out with friends
              • May not be entitled to free prescriptions
      • Lack of choice
        • He may not like the services that are offered
          • May not want to talk about how he feels in support groups
            • Limited communication
            • Appointment times


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