Calcium carbonate

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  • Calcium Carbonate
    • Limestone is mainly made up of calcium carbonate
    • CaCO3
    • Can be thermally decomposed to make calcium oxide and carbon dioxide
      • When something thermally decomposes it breaks down into two or more substances
    • Other carbonates like magnesium and calcium can thermally decompose in a similar way
      • Some cant decompose in a normal lab because Bunsen burners don't get hot enough
    • Calcium oxide reacts with water to make calcium hydroxide
      • Can be used to neutralise acids
    • Calcium hydroxide in water produces limewater
      • Reacts with carbon dioxide to produce calcium carbonate
      • Used to test for carbon dioxide
        • Carbon dioxide turns it water
    • Carbonates react with acids to produce carbon dioxide, salt, and water
      • Limestone is damaged by acid rain
    • Can be heated with clay to make cement
      • Cement mixed with sand makes mortar
      • Cement and sand and aggregate makes concrete


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