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  • C3
    • Algebra and functions
      • Understand function, domain, range, one-one, inverse and composition
      • Identify range of a given function and composition of two functions
      • Illustrate relation between one-one and inverse
      • Use and recognise compositions of transformations of graphs
      • Understand meaning of |x| and solve equations and inequalities
      • Understand the relation between y=|f(x)| and y=f(x)
      • Understand properties of exponential and log functions e^x and ln x
      • Understand exponential growth and decay
    • Triganometry
      • Use inverse sin, cos, tan to denote principal values of inverse
      • Understand the relationship of sec, cosec, cot and use any graphs for any angles
      • Use trig identities
    • Differentiation
      • Use derivative of e^x and ln x together with constants, sums, differences
      • Differentiate composite functions using chain rule
      • Differentiate products and quotients
      • Understand the relation dy/dx= 1 /dx/dy
      • Apply to connected rates of change
    • Integration
      • Integrate e^x and 1/x constants, sums and differences
      • Integrate expressions involving linear substitution
      • Use definite integrals to find a volume of revolution about one of the coordinate axis


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