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  • C2
    • electrolysis (purification of copper)
      • anode
        • positive electrode
        • impure copper to be purified
        • impure cathode dwindles away
      • cathode
        • negative electrode
        • bar of pure copper
        • copper ions deposited as copper atoms
        • pure copper cathode increases in size
      • anode and cathode placed in Copper Sulfate solution
      • copper ions leave anode and attracted to cathode
    • earth structure
      • rock is recycled by geological processes
      • plate movements cause earthquakes and volcanoes
      • plate tectonic theory is now widely accepted
      • evidence needs to be repeatable and agreed for a theory to be accepted
      • scientists study volcanoes and earthquakes to try to predict future eruptions and seismic activity
    • fertilisers
      • The Haber process is a reversible reaction that makes ammonia
      • Nitrogen + Hydrogen -->  ammonia
        • ammonia is used to make nitrogen fertilisers
      • conditions for Haber process must be adjusted to maximise yield
      • fertilisers can cause eutrophication
      • fertilisers can be made by a neutralisation reaction
        • acid + base -> salt + water
    • salts
      • acids react with metal oxides and hydroxides, and metal carbonates to make salts



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